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 Company Business
To engage in business of civil work,  which consists of
-     To contract for dredging navigation channel, rivers, water drainage canal,  irrigation canal.
-     To contract for Hydrographic survey both river and sea.
-     To contract for surveying, designing and construction of harbor for, including bank protection structure, bridge, ship dock and ship yard.
-     To contract for building of all kinds of steel boats and pontoon pier.
-     To contract for removing of underwater obstruction of navigation channel.
-     To contract for construction and assembling of underwater building such as artificial coral.
-     To contract for building of navigation aids, navigation buoy, lighthouse.
-     To contract for construction of irrigation water gates.
-     To contract for piping of gas and oil pipeline offshore.
-     To contract for pile driving in the sea by crane ship and large ship.
-     To contract for rescue in river and sea.
-     To contract for construction all types of roadway.

Company History

C.E. 1991
The Company was established in the name of “YooLim Boat Club Company Limited” with registered capital of 1 million Thai baht (1,000,000) and head office is located at No.95/430 Rachadapisek Road (Rama3), Chongnonsee  Sub-district, Yannawa District, Bangkok Metropolis. The main business was boat building and sale of boats, such as speedboat and small tourist boat.
C.E 2002
The Company’s name was changed to “YooLim Boat Company Limited” and present and changed the line of business to engage in activity of work in river works and maritime works as major works, the main work is dredging. In the middle of the year, the Company had bought a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, 1,300 Cu.m (S.Yoolim 1) from Japan for its operation.  Boats from boat building section are for company utilization.
C.E. 2003
The Company increased registered capital to Thai Baht 60,000,000
C.E. 2005
The Company purchased 2 more of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger S.Yoolim 2 Capacity 2,000 Cu.m and S.Yoolim 3 Capacity 600 Cu.m
C.E. 2006
The Company increased registered capital to Thai Baht 130,000,000 and bought Grab Dredger, which is modern and large capacity from Japan, which capable to dredge  in all types of seabed materials. (except hard stone)
C.E. 2009
The Company increased registered capital to Thai Baht 230,000,000
C.E. 2010
The Company’s was changed again to “Bangkok Dredging” as present.

Present ; Bangkok Dredging Company Limited has 200 employees, who have experiences and skillful in dredging and other river works and marine works. Now, it can be said that Bangkok Dredging Company Limited is the dredging contractor which has the largest amount of dredging machines in Thailand. The Company owns 3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers, 3 Grab Dredgers, 1 Backhoe Dredger, 4 Cutter Suction Dredgers with 10” discharge pipe and 3 Cutter Suction Dredgers with 14” discharge pipe.

Company Achievement
In the past, Bangkok Dredging Company Limited had received confidence and trusty from government sectors and private sectors for dredging works in all Thailand territorial waters, such as dredging navigation channel, berthing area and basin, according to the details annexed.

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